Research and innovation activities contribute to tackling complex global issues such as climate change, energy supply, digitalization, mobility, or natural resources. At the same time, it contributes significantly to job creation and the growth of gross domestic product, thereby promoting the well-being of society as a whole.

The EU’s research and innovation framework program for 2021-2027 (Horizon Europe) will provide € 95.5 billion to fund national and regional R&D initiatives, which is an increase of around 30% compared to the previous period. 35% of the Framework Program will be devoted to climate change objectives, thus efforts in this area will play a significant role within the program.

Our company gives high priority on participating in international and domestic R&D projects based on our significant experience in the field of writing and monitoring proposals, consulting, and project management services. The company further focuses on fostering its international relationships with European research organizations, universities, laboratories, which is often exploited when forming different consortia for the projects.