F4STER – Future 4 Sustainable Transport and Energy Research Institute Ltd. was founded in 2020 with the aim of offering complex, interdisciplinary answers to challanges of global and economic sustainability through the company’s research and development activities related to mobility and energy.

An important element of sustainability issues is the ongoing transformation of the European electricity sector, which resulted in growing share of renewable energy sources, interconnections of the European electricity networks and adopting new EU directives facilitating these changes. The founders of the company have significant professional experience in developing and implementing comprehensive European projects that enable expanding cross-border electricity interconnections, integrating renewable energy solutions, creating more flexible electricity transmissions through integration of the market and also expanding existing transmission capacity as an important condition for sustainability.

Resource-efficient and resilient economic- or social models can only be based on the joint innovation of the energy and the transport sectors. To this end, F4STER – Future 4 Zrt. seeks to promote research and innovation projects that, in addition to emission reduction, focus on sustainable urban mobility by examining changes in mobility patterns and user behavior.

Our company operates in collaboration of its international partners in the relevant sectors, which includes European research organizations, laboratories, universities, distribution system operators, transmission system operators, public transport organizations and private companies.